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Premium Air Dried Pet Food from Canada

  • 我們的寵物食品

    用最優質的肉類和天然原料製成,不含人工添加劑,我們的配方可提供高蛋白質,完整均衡的飲食。 每個配方都具有寵物喜歡的真正的肉味,絕對適合挑剔的貓貓狗狗食家。 濃縮的營養意味著您可以減少餵飼食物並節省更多的的錢。 您可以把美味的 Zeal :

    • 用作獎勵零食
    • 混合其他乾糧
    • 作為主餐享受
  • Our Pet Foods

    Made with the highest quality meats and naturally sourced ingredients and no artificial additives, our recipes are formulated to provide maximum protein for a complete and balanced diet. Each recipe has the real meat taste cats and dogs love in a rich, jerky-style food and is ideal for finicky eaters. The highly concentrated nutrition means you use less food and save more money. Delicious Zeal pieces can be used as training treats, too.

    • Use as a treat
    • Add to kibble or canned food
    • Full Meal

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